Custom Decal Kits for All Your Projects

Create the labels you need while staying on-time and on-budget – it’s never been easier than with Galleon’s convenient custom decal kits. Each is made with our clients’ unique needs in mind, featuring a comprehensive sheet or package of all the labels you’ll ever need for one project. It’s the simplest way to keep track of your labeling supplies and any relevant application/use instructions.

What’s in a Kit?

Many of our clients’ products sport labels/decals to brand, identify, inform, instruct, and caution consumers. These labels come in many different sizes, shapes, materials, adhesives, and prints, which can make organizing a challenge. Save time, money, and labor with a comprehensive label kit from Galleon. You’ll enjoy easy access to all of your specific labeling requirements on one sheet or in one package.

Problem: Inventory Control
Solution: All Labels/Decals Stored in One Place

Problem: Excessive Inventory Leads to Spoilage
Solution: Purchase what you need from Galleon

Problem: Multiple Inventory Reorder Points
Solution: Reorder Points Reduced to 1

Problem: Exorbitant Costs on Separate Orders
Solution: Order All Labels/Decals at the Same Time

Superior Attention to Detail

From decorative decals to warning labels, Galleon is your first source for everything to do with labeling, no matter the industry. We’ve worked with businesses throughout the country on a diverse range of projects. Every new challenge we take on gives us the knowledge needed to provide better labeling solutions in the future. Below, you’ll find just a few of the industries and applications for which we’ve developed custom kits.

Beverage Labels

  • Beer
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Water Bottles & Sport Drinks
  • Coffee & Tea

Promotions & Event Labels

  • Personalized Bottle Labels
  • Event Labels

Industrial Labels

  • Manufacturing Labels
  • Shipping & Receiving Decals
  • Chemicals and Drums Decals
  • Tamper Evident Labels
  • Caution & Warning Decals

Packaged Food Labels

  • Frozen Food
  • Canned Food Items
  • Soup & Sauces
  • Jarred Vegetables
  • Fresh Food Labels
  • Confectionary Items
  • Spices
  • Oil & Vinegar

Household Items

  • Candles
  • Bath & Body Products
  • Electronics & Lighting
  • Cleaning Products
  • Paint & Adhesive Cans
  • Cosmetics & Perfumes

Durable Goods

  • Major Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Lawn & Garden Equipment
  • Power Tools
  • Commercial & Industrial Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Athletic Equipment

Other Labels & Applications

  • Nutritional Value Labels
  • Vitamins & Supplements
  • Medical Labels
  • Pharmaceuticals

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Contact us for more information about our custom decal kits. We serve many different industries throughout the United States.