Digitally Printed Decals for All Your Labeling Needs

Stand out from the crowd with digitally printed decals and die-cut plastic films from Galleon. Since 1993, our unique approach to labeling has helped our clients save time and money on their projects. We combine your distinctive requirements into one convenient kit, simplifying application, enhancing inventory control, and reducing labor costs. No matter the industry, our custom product labels are the perfect alternatives to one-size-fits-all “solutions.”

Durable Labeling Solutions

Galleon product labels endure the test of time. Apply them to rough surfaces or pit them against extreme weather – they’ll come out looking as professional and legible as the day you applied them. This unparalleled durability is one of the reasons countless organizations, including the military, the Navy, and fire departments all over the country, prefer Galleon products. Discover the difference they can make in your association or business today. We serve clients in these industries and more:

  • Power Tools
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Compressors & Pumps
  • Transportation
  • Consumer Goods
  • Military
  • Marine
  • Utilities
  • Electronics

Made with Your Business in Mind

Find all of the labels you need under one roof. Galleon provides a variety of high-quality options for many different industries. Our production system is specifically designed to meet customers’ needs for shorter runs, faster turnaround times, and greater variety in their product labeling, branding, and packaging needs. You’ll enjoy the advantage of both short- and long-run, high-resolution graphics printed in a single production house.